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"More than 70% of the senior executives in a survey we recently conducted say that innovation will be at least one of the top three drivers of growth for their companies in the next three to five years."


We couldn’t agree more!


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  • “They literally kept us engaged and challenged the whole time...it was an experience that none of us will ever forget... they exceeded all our expectations.”

    David Chard / Managing Director – Edelman Taiwan

  • “The innoGreat team was energetic and dynamic and a great inspiration to our group and received the highest scores of any workshop, training, or seminar that has been held at Coach International.”

    Jay Burdett / Managing Director - Coach International

If you want to teach innovation, you have to be innovative.

We couldn’t really call ourselves innoGreat if we didn’t innovate ourselves. That is why 86% of our program content is created by us for our clients. No spider webs. No Seven Habits. No Five Dysfunctions. We believe that by listening to the needs of our clients, we will co-create with them the best possible solution.

Here are a few examples of products that we have refined over time with the assistance of numerous client organizations.

In & Out of the Box

Isn’t it Time to Start Thinking Out of the Box?

The Next Big Thing

The Innovative Decision Making Simulation

Team Takeoff!

From High Performing Individuals to High Performing Teams

The Idea Marketplace

A Totally Energized Idea Generation, Solution Communication and Decision Making Process

CSI Results

Moving from Blame and Excuses to Accountability and Responsibility

(Empathy for Style Preference)

Card Based Team Style Exercise

Creative Innovation for Everyone

ClockWise is developed by Brains on the Beach Consulting Ltd. with the assistance of innoGreat.

innoGreat was founded by
Jimbo Clark

Creative Innovation Expert

Jimbo is the founder of innoGreat Consulting Ltd. and co-founder of Brains on the Beach Consulting Ltd. He is a leading expert in creativity and innovation with nearly 30 years of experience in education, training and facilitation across Asia and in North America.

Jimbo is also the creator of the In & Out of the Box process has put boxes on thousands of leaders, managers, staff and students from more than 20 countries. He is also an avid innovator in the fields of training and facilitation and has created simulations and facilitation processes for leading companies across most every sector.

  • Certified Game and Simulation Designer
  • Contributing author to "NASAGA Training Activity Book"
  • 27 years of Asian training and facilitation experience
  • Has delivered training in most every Asian country
  • English and Mandarin delivery

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