When Jim Clark arrived in Shenyang China in 1987, he had no idea that he would settle in Asia, that he would start a consulting company focusing on creative innovation, that he would live in Taiwan for more than 25 years, or that his name would change from Jim to Jimbo. If he had known any of these things, he probably wouldn’t have gotten off the airplane. Luckily, he didn’t and he has been living, working and innovating in Asia since.


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  • “Jimbo conducted a carefully planned and powerfully executed experience that left all of us on a new level of understanding and excitement about working together. We all felt a sense of increased possibility, empowered by a simple and usable tool-kit of concepts and activities to help us achieve our objectives. “

    Managing Director

  • “We had a wonderful Leadership & Innovation session with Jim and the participants took away a lot from the concepts that he shared with us.”

    HR Manager SEA– Nike

Expert Facilitation Skills

Jimbo has facilitated numerous executive level strategic vision and planning sessions. He has great depth of experience using a variety of facilitation methodologies including Technology of Participation, Open Space Technology, World Café and has helped numerous companies develop and implement their Vision Mission and Values Statements.

Creativity and Innovation

Jimbo’s career has been built on finding innovative solutions to complex issues in the service and education industries. He believes that it takes innovation to teach innovation, so 90% of the simulations, activities and tools used in his programs are created by himself for the needs of his clients.

Games and Simulation Design

Jimbo is a certified simulation designer and agrees with the Harvard Business Review when they say, “It’s time to break the taboo and get serious about play.” Jimbo has created numerous simulation games and was a board member of the North American Simulations and Games Association.

Keynote Addresses

Jimbo is an accomplished public speaker and has presented at or hosted numerous events including hosting the HR Director's Conference in Hong Kong and Beijing, presenting Keynote Addresses for conferences like the Philippine Society of Training and Development, and in companies like Nike and New York Life.

English and Chinese Delivery

Jimbo delivers programs in English and Chinese. Having said that, his English is better than his Chinese, so when he delivers in Chinese, he will always have a Chinese speaking co-facilitator who will share the communication load with him.

Jimbo is a contributing author to the North American Simulation and Games Association Training Activity Book.

Brains on the Beach Co-Founder

Brains on the Beach (affectionately known as BoB) is an organization dedicated to the art of co-creation.

Co-founders James Bishop, Glenn Wilkinson and Jimbo Clark figured that the best audience to study the challenges of co-creation would be find people who are famous for not working well together and work with them. So they invited a group of consultants together and had them co-create solutions for various non-profit organizations. It worked so well, that BoB events are happening on a regular basis. More than 100 Brains have participated in BoB events in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai, Malaysia, Bangkok and the United States.

Jimbo collaborated on the design and delivery of the Galaxy Entertainment Group's Leadership Development Program which in 2015, was recognized by the Human Resource Innovation Awards for Excellence in Leadership Development.

Vision Mission Values Setting and Roll Out

Jimbo partnered with Paradigm Consulting to work with Hong Kong Land’s senior management team to set and communicate their VMV throughout the organization. The program was so successful that it was repeated in Bangkok, Singapore and Indonesia with HKL’s joint venture partners there.

Strategic Planning Process

Nestle Malaysia was facing a number of serious issues when Jimbo was brought in to facilitate their annual plans meeting. In the jungles outside of KL, Jimbo ran the first iteration of the “Marketplace of Ideas,” an invigorating and engaging ideation, decision making and communication process. The process was so impactful that Nestle used the Marketplace to communicate the change to 5,000 employees. Today, the Marketplace has become a part of the Nestle Malaysia’s corporate culture.

High Potential Development

Jim works with a number of organizations on developing their high potential employees. These programs are a mix of energizing simulations, deep reflection and discussion, and grounded action planning ensuring a lasting change.

Senior Team Alignment

Jimbo has worked with countless leadership teams across Asia on creating alignment to a common goal, creating integrated plans to achieve those goals and define new ways of working together to ensure their success.

Product Innovation

Swire Coca-Cola Taiwan engaged Jimbo’s services to run a two day product innovation process. The end result was two game changing products that are a part of the reinvigoration of the Taiwan market.

Executive Leadership Development

The Galaxy Macau was going through rapid growth and found it easier to build a new property than it was to lead it. Jimbo was brought in to design and facilitate two years of executive leadership and team development programs across the property that reduced turnover and increased leadership and team effectiveness.

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